Rideshare Hub Orange County

Hi there and welcome to uberhubOrangeCounty.com. The link is right beneath the video. It’ll take you through to the website that will give you the opening times, the address on that specific location. People usually go down to the hub if they want to discuss activation, the activation process. They will want to driver’s license, the registration documents of your car, insurance documents and your banking details from you. However if you activate the account at a hub in Orange County, you will miss out on the guarantee or Uber driver referral bonus. You only get that from another drive, so I have also included a link, where you can set up your account, qualify for that guarantee and that reward that you would be missing out on if you go through the direct activation at het hub. You can also then upload those four documents through the app and save yourself the trip down to the hub. Now if you’ve been deactivated, super stressful, you go down there, find out why, talk to a representative, take note of the time, the date, the person you spoke spoke to. If need be, escalate it up to management. If you had an accident and you want to discuss the issues, go do it with a live person. That’s my suggestion. I myself, you have my email and my phone number underneath this video. Please text me or email me with general questions. I will gladly look at it and get back to you with a qualified answer. Drive safe my friends.

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